28 October 2013

First Post!

Hi everyone. I'm Melany, also known as Bite Size Melly. I'm a house wife and mother of 4. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Right after high school I thought I needed a break from all that hard work, NOT! So I, and two of my girl friends, out of work and out of school took up hip hop dancing lessons. Well let me tell you I have no rhythm or coordination so that lasted about two weeks. I decided I better go to school and get a job, or do something more productive with this newly acquired free time. I attended college, and got a job in the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C. I thought I was living the dream. I wine and dined myself, treated myself to regular fancy  haircuts, manicures and pedicures.

Unexpectedly one night on the town with the girls in Washington DC's Georgetown I met and fell in love with a Nebraska boy from the mid-west. 

Now my days are spent cooking, stepping on Legos and a whole lot of laundry. My idea of a shopping spree is when I go to Sams Club and do bulk grocery buying. I never expected a life like this for myself, but I got to say that I love it and can't help but feel like the luckiest girl ever.

I hope you enjoy my blog, bitesizemelly. Here, I'll write about my transition from spoiled city girl to domestic housewife, talk about food, fashion, and what ever makes me happy. 

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